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6 Big-Picture Kitchen Remodeling Trends Happening Now New for 2023

1. Sustainability Influences Choices

“Homeowners are gravitating toward sustainable choices during kitchen renovations, and it is interesting to see the intersection of economics and environmental concerns,” says Houzz senior economist Marine Sargsyan.

2. Cabinet Styles Shift

Shaker-style cabinets have dominated homeowner preferences for years now. And while the look is still the most popular choice, it declined by 3 points, to 61%, compared with 2022.

Meanwhile, flat-panel cabinets are on the rise. One in 5 homeowners (20%) choose this sleek style.

3. Wood Cabinets Gain Popularity

White cabinets aren’t going out of style anytime soon. The color remains the most popular choice (40%). But wood tones are a strong contender. Nearly a quarter of homeowners (24%) choose wood-tone cabinets, up 3 points year over year, returning to the level of 2021.

Choosing an island base color that’s different from surrounding cabinets is a popular design approach — nearly half of homeowners (46%) go this route. Among those homeowners, blue is the most popular contrasting color choice (24%), followed by gray (15%) and black and medium-tone wood (12% each).

4. Modern Rustic Style

A few themes weave throughout these 2023 design trends. Among them are the use of natural materials and a general feeling of warmth. You’ll find both in a modern rustic style we’re seeing show up in kitchens.

Think natural wood cabinets and other wood details paired with natural stone countertops and backsplashes, with a few modern elements thrown in.

5. Elegant Farmhouse Style

Another style showing up in kitchens is a more elegant take on the modern-farmhouse style that’s been popular in recent years. You’ll find many of the same elements, such as Shaker-style cabinets, apron-front sinks and furniture-style islands and cabinets. But you’ll also notice the use of dramatic cabinet colors, oversize range hoods and slab stone backsplashes.

6. Blue Features

White and gray are by far the most popular colors used in kitchens. But when homeowners stray from that palette, they often choose blue. In fact, when a homeowner chooses to go with an island color that contrasts with the surrounding cabinets, more than a quarter (26%) will select blue, according to Houzz research.

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