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Bathtub Refinishing

We recently did a bathtub estimate in an older home and the homeowner didn't really get what the cost difference was. After all, he said "We can get a new one at Home Depot for 300 dollars". Unfortunately, the Home Depot tubs are usually an incredibly cheap fiberglass or acrylic product that's probably not going to last long or it can be easily damaged.

Like this:

And your taking out a durable, heavy duty cast iron or porcelain bathtub most of the time. Some of the things you have to factor in when it comes to actually replacing a tub is that it comes with alot of headaches and unexpected dings to your bank account.

Here's a chart:

So why replace when we can make your tub brand new looking again? The alternatives are to fill up the landfills or go eco-friendly and reglaze. Either way its going to look like new again!

Sometimes it helps to weigh your options. Be informed and think a problem through. Because solutions might be easier than you think.

Have a great day!!

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