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Cultured Marble Nightmare

Bathroom Countertops

Very Dated

Got cultured marble? If your home was built after 1970, chances are, you do - and cultured marble is something that unfortunately will date a bathroom. MultiSpec to the rescue! We can instantly remove the cultured marble look and immediately update your bathroom countertops by refinishing them in a MultiSpec finish.

Cultured Marble is man-made, and one of its problem areas is that hairline cracks will start to develop near the drain due to hot and cold water hitting directly on the surface for many years. This is a perfectly normal characteristic of this substrate.

Most cultured marble countertops contain one or two sinks, and are one big molded piece. We can repair cultured marble, but because the countertop and sink are all one molded piece, the entire unit must be refinished afterward to hide and seal the repair.

When the job is completed you have a whole new modern bathroom vanity without the cracks and with a granite like finish..

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