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Why refinish your tile?

One of the major benefits to refinishing is the ability to eliminate the porousness of your tile grout. In our area, tile is a super common surface in most homes. But, with that comes all the drawbacks of maintenance and cleanliness. White tile in the kitchen can be a nightmare. Imagine having to scrub and bleach your grout for a common spill, Or using harsh chemicals just to make sure your family is safe. Some things like salmonella can live on porous surfaces (like grout) for days. Coffee can stain and grape juice isn't coming out easily.

Bathroom tile can be a nightmare too. Bacteria mold and mildew can grow uninhibited if you don't have proper ventilation in your bathroom. Stopping it, using harsh chemicals isn't the safest or healthiest alternative.

We offer tile refinishing for this very reason. Once we are done, not only does it look good and is updated, you will never have to scrub or bleach your grout again. All porous grout is permanently sealed never to be a problem again.

So consider your alternatives when looking to redo the surfaces in your home. Don't trade one problem for another and consider just refinishing or permanently sealing your new surfaces. Your kitchen, bathroom and most of all your family will thank you.

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