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A Custom Refinish Services

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Whether your kitchen counter top has endured years of scratches and burns, or you are simply seeking a new surface, kitchen counter top resurfacing is a popular and budget-friendly option for sprucing up the overall look of your room.



Resurfacing kitchen cabinets, also called refinishing, essentially means giving your existing cabinets a facelift that transforms their look, style and texture without the hassle, cost and mess of gutting and replacing them.



The look of a new floor without tearing or installing a new one. Refinishing creates a unique, modern and stunning look to your old floor.


Bathtubs and Showers

 The process of refreshing the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like-new condition. This process involves repairing any damaged areas. Then refinishing the surface to give you a beautiful color that lasts a lifetime.



Chips, cracks, and holes can be repaired and color matched to make your tubs or sinks look like new. Within hours it looks like it never happened.

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