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When looking for a home remodel many people have heard of refinishing but few really know all the ways we can help.

No replacement, we go over your existing surface without tear out. Tile stays in place and you never again will have porus grout. Fiberglass can be made new again and cultred marble is no longer dated. We can even go over.metal and wood We can fix all cracks, holes, and missing grout seamlessly and invisibly.

Color Changes- we make that old surface look brand new again. Make your plain counter look like granite. Take your one piece culture mobile sink and turn it into a modern stonelook drop in. That dated yellowing fiberglass shower is gone we make it look white bright and brand new.

Super Fast- we can give you a whole new bathroom and kitchen in as little as a day and no more than a week.

Economical- we aren't tearing anything out so the cost is a tiny fraction of what you would pay for a full remodel. Most bathrooms under a thousand and most kitchens under three.

Durable- we get our products from the best manufacturers around to give you a warranty you can trust. 5 year written warranty that stays with the house. You're going to get a whole new lifetime out of that tub or counter. It withstands heat is stain resistant and scratch resistant.

Eco-friendly- no waste is so much better for our planet. Why tear out just for a color change? Why use resources making something new just for it to look pretty again? Best yet, having a new surface means you can use eco-friendly & non toxic products to clean. No more being forced to scrub with harsh chemicals.

Healthier alternative- our products permanently seal the grout so that means no more porous surfaces to collect mold, mildew, and bacteria. Our coatings are antimicrobial so say bye to that nasty black moldew and bacteria. No more growing things in that shower because if the dampness. And best of all no maintenance, sealing or upkeep.

If this sounds like a good fit for your home give us a call for you free estimate or schedule right on our website.


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